ENLARGE kopaka phantoka

sometimes dumb, ridiculous and/or offensive shit happens in the lego fandom (or fandoms plural i guess given how separate a beast the bionicle fandom is)

we're here to point and laugh and occasionally write long-winded essays about the fandom or even more long-winded reviews of the stuff this fandom's actually about

children's construction toys aren't serious business

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Once upon a time in the mystic lands of the Earth…

…a group of Bionicle sets came to life one day, and led by the great Tahu, they escaped from their canisters. They fled across the country, eventually settling in a house that they claimed for their own. They lived there for a long, long time, almost ten years, until they were attacked, by another evil Toa and his minions.

Now normally, when Bionicles die, they just go to the Core, and then are sent back to the Earth after doing some push ups or something. But this evil Toa was evil enough to destroy Evil Tahu, the leader of the Core. So when he attacked…none of the Bionicles could respawn.

The war was long and drawn out…and in the end, many Bionicles died. But Tahu’s forces prevailed, despite great losses. While Tahu and the survivors fled to another house, the deceased Bionicles were teleported to the mystical land of doodle, where everything looks like professional quality.

To communicate in the land of doodle…they created a chatroom…

THIS IS…the story of that chatroom.

well… to their credit, they DO perfecly encapsulate the very essence of the bzpc: complete shit