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(aka “What if I naturally loved Jesus, like you naturally love guys?”, which pretty much sums up the entire fiasco in one logic-deficient sentence)

So remember how this was a thing earlier in the week?

Yeah, it’s happening again.

good grief we haven’t even gotten around to dissecting the first time properly yet or calling for Velox’s ass to be fired from BZP, and they couldn’t help but kick up another homophobic shitstorm elsewhere?



ugh I don’t even have the strength to tear into it properly right now (which is probably for the best since the worst of the thread is still yet to come)

Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate that both times so far, both of the base entries have been entries explaining why homophobia is completely and utterly wrong (the first was literally about how it specifically harmed Gato, its author), and both entries have sparked arguments by homophobes defending their disgusting, close-minded ways. That’s arguably the most sickening part of all.

We’ll probably have more to say about this later (hahaha yeah because that totally happened the first time).  In the meantime, this entry by Gato is a very good read on the subject, one which fortunately hasn’t fallen victim to this horseshit (yet).