ENLARGE kopaka phantoka

sometimes dumb, ridiculous and/or offensive shit happens in the lego fandom (or fandoms plural i guess given how separate a beast the bionicle fandom is)

we're here to point and laugh and occasionally write long-winded essays about the fandom or even more long-winded reviews of the stuff this fandom's actually about

children's construction toys aren't serious business

if you're looking for unironically GOOD lego stuff though, then you're in the wrong place and want our other blog solace of legoman values (or any one of the countless other good lego blogs out there but eh who cares)

alternatively you're looking for our two other ironic masterpieces, thornax express and BIONICLES ADVENTURS COMIXS

no seriously you're looking for these two trust me

Please note that I don’t hate the people I talk about on here. I’m just pointing out an inconsistency in logic.


You guys do know that’s not really necessary right

Most people will not automatically assume you hate them whenever you criticize their opinions or actions

With these kinds of blogs it is especially pointless and will get annoying really fast

(addendum by another admin: actually… we kinda do that too, just not endlessly repeated.  see the blog’s sidebar, where it’s been since like day one.)