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sometimes dumb, ridiculous and/or offensive shit happens in the lego fandom (or fandoms plural i guess given how separate a beast the bionicle fandom is)

we're here to point and laugh and occasionally write long-winded essays about the fandom or even more long-winded reviews of the stuff this fandom's actually about

children's construction toys aren't serious business

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reminder that this was an actual set sold for seven dollars in 2002.

is this blog dedicated to calling out shitty people in the lego and bionicle fandoms?
lunacyoflegomanvalues lunacyoflegomanvalues Said:

It’s not a “callout blog” if that’s what you mean

We do a lot of that simply because a) it’s in line with our main goal of chronicling all the awful stuff to come out of the fandom and b) this has sort of become an easier place for us Lunacy admins to semi-anonymously voice our opinions about this stuff to a larger audience than our personal blogs

But it’s never really been the MAIN PURPOSE of the blog, nor do we really intend for it to become exclusively about that any time soon

If there’s one thing I haven’t missed from BZPower before the past couple years, it’s signatures like this.


Just because someone doesn’t support feminism doesn’t mean they’re anti-equality. There’s a big difference between “women and men should have equal opportunities” and “the patriarchy is oppressing us all the time in every aspect of life”.


speak of the devil and he will come

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clearly TTV attracts only the best people from the YouTube side of the Bionicle fandom

I don’t know any idiots on BZP

But I only go on there for fics (not smut or anything though) and the Matoran Dictionary

I’d actually be sad if they deleted it D:

trust me, the community there is pathetic

considering how close I was to putting this in this photoset, i’d think twice before letting this guy judge the BZP community for you.

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clearly TTV attracts only the best people from the YouTube side of the Bionicle fandom


Lovin that new bionicle

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For your viewing pleasure

…I don’t understand

it’s been ages since we’ve seen spam this….. spammy

Asker slaptheshack Asks:
What is Makuta_of_Oz's official position on these leaks?
lunacyoflegomanvalues lunacyoflegomanvalues Said:

I don’t know but whenever it’s officially confirmed he’s probably going to say the “ban” has been “lifted” or something

Asker moochfloatjr Asks:
i haven't been on bzp in years but i checked the thread for the 2015 leaks and it's hilarious how so many people are insisting they're fake and/or trying to enforce the site's horrible policies on leaked content
lunacyoflegomanvalues lunacyoflegomanvalues Said:

The leaked content policies aren’t the administration’s fault; they’re LEGO’s. The only reason Eurobricks is allowed to get away with not having such a policy while still receiving endorsement is likely because someone from Eurobricks works for LEGO or something like that.

Without enforcement of the leaked content policy, TLG would hate BZPower and withdraw their support for it. That’s my understanding of the situation, anyway.

I could screencap anything this guy says and it’d be perfect material for this blog.



I’m not “standing up for folks like Eljay”. The TTV CROWD has always kind of rubbed me the wrong way in general, although I’m not really that knowledgeable on what your issues with them are so I’m not really going to agree or argue with that. But Kahi is a friend and SO FAR I haven’t been given much reason to believe he would lie about this kind of stuff

My problem with this is simply that BZP members are being punished for something that was neither TECHNICALLY UNFAIR nor even definitively intentional, and also TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST it just kind of seems to me like you’re being a huge baby about not winning one contest and that’s really not cool

I consider Lord Oblivion a friend and love his MOCs. I would have voted for Bryan had I not been in the contest because I love his Tamaru, but had it not been either of us it would be Lolo’s MOC. I have no problems with him winning, nor with losing a contest. I’ve lost dozens of them. I don’t like the how and it is weird to me that you don’t get that.

I get being upset, it just still seems like you’re massively overreacting

Like you lost because they VOTED with their REGULAR BZP ACCOUNTS, which is exactly how contests are supposed to work anyway

They did it in a pretty suspicious way but no matter what it’s not like they CHEATED, and once again as far as I’m aware you can’t CONCLUSIVELY PROVE that they even deliberately did anything

My point here is that it seems like you want to believe there was some sort of conspiracy against you just because you have some sort of mutual grudge with TTV or something, and that strikes me as kind of ridiculous

And let’s face it, regardless of context, a large group of people getting suspended or whatever for voting fairly against a staff member and famous MOCist objectively looks PRETTY BAD